please join us for the opening reception of For the Narwhals November 6th 5-8 pm

New work by California artist Lindsay Stripling

Lindsay Stripling is an artist who lives and works in the Sunset District of San Francisco between Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach. She studied black and white photography at UC Santa Cruz and painting at SFAI.  She works with an emphasis on memory, dream and that feeling between sleeping and awake-ness. Lindsay is interested in fragmentation, and the moment that our experiences form themselves into lore and legend. Memories are fuzzy and intangible much like dreams, and the more specific she tries to make them the less sharp they become, slipping in and out of focus.  In this current body of work Lindsay is working with ideas of mutation, of her gradual and consistent psychological relationship with the natural environment and fabricated world around her and how it morphs and changes minute to minute.