located in the heart of downtown Sebastopol California, an hour north from San Francisco.


Kitty Hawk Gallery est. 2014, is a curated space focusing on exhibiting work by local emerging artists and showcasing different brands from around the world. Kitty Hawk holds an emphasis on sustainability, ethical sourcing, small footprint etc. Founded by artist Grace Levine, a Chicago native, Kitty Hawk Gallery offers up-and-coming brands from around the globe and locally produced goods. In addition to being a brick and mortar ,the space hosts exhibitions for various visual artists. Current brands are Baggu, The Horse, Evam Eva, Pip-Squeak Chapeau Etc., Jess Brown, Hansel From Basel, Goat Milk Kidware, Oeuf Nyc, Briar Handmade, Local + Lejos, Little River Sock Mill, Taylor Ceramics, Coral and Tusk, Sidai Designs, Seaworthy, Apotheke, O-M Ceramics and much more.